De-Clutter Your Schedule with this One Big Tip

by dawnaurora on December 15, 2014

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De-clutter Your Schedule With This One Big Tip

Do you feel constantly rushed, unable to tackle what you need to do, scattered and overwhelmed? This is the very definition of busy that doesn’t lead to any success. It exemplifies everything that you don’t want to be.

It always seems when Thanksgiving and Christmas come around there is full blown craziness happening.

Yes, I even fall victim to this predator that tries to steel my joy, happiness, and peace.

But the great thing is you can control it. You have power of what you choose to have in your life and what you choose to keep out.

People-pleasing, and the “yes” disease are going to land you depressed and feeling alone. Your life starts paying the price of the decisions.

“What is the key?” you might be asking.

Well, my friend, the key is to strategically plan your day for success. You have to map out your activities because you only have enough energy, time, and sanity in one day.

Plan and prepare everything from your funds to products, from shows to brick and mortar.

My strategic planning has led me to success, and restructuring without feeling lost or depressed. I have enjoyed every moment of my journey even during those pivotal, scary times.

Wouldn’t it feel better to say that you have tried, fail and or succeeded or would you rather say that you had wished you did this, or regret that you didn’t do that.

Design your business around the lifestyle you want.

I am going to give you some simple homework that you can do on your own time. Once you fill it out I would love to see what you come up with.

Your homework-

Get out a blank sheet of paper and outline  4 rectangle sections on your paper. Put 2 headers across the top of the rectangles, urgent and not urgent. Then on the sides write out important and not important.  Be creative!

It should look like this, but with your personal touch.


After you do this homework it should give you clarity in what you should invest your time into. The things that you enjoy doing and exercise your strengths, get them done. The ones that drain you of energy and provoke your weakness, it might be wise to outsource those to someone else.

It comes down to using your time, strength, and energy wisely.

Create the business of your dreams.

With Love,


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