My Secret is Revealed: Creating the Perfect Pear Candle Color

I had received quite a few calls from customers asking me how to create more realistic flavored pear candle.  They weren't satisfied with a simple solid colored candle.  They wanted one that appealed greatly to the eye and also the nose.

It took me 6 mos. to come up with a solution that was quite easy.  Depending on how you chose to work the mold and colors you could achieve a OOAK (one of a kind) colored pear each time.  You could even cater the  candle to a certain kind of pear that is prominent in your area, for example, the Bartlet pear.

Have fun and play around with this technique.

Materials Needed:

Watch the video now!

pear candle silicone mold

Happy Candle Making,


P.S.  What candle techniques are you working on?



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