Celebrate Diversity In Style

by dawnaurora on September 30, 2014

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Celebrate Diversity In Style

Today’s Quick tip:

Never miss a chance to take a vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you take a break from life and stay home or go 10 miles away and stay at a hotel or travel 2 + hours away. What matters is that you get a chance to unwind and take your mind off anything that is keeping you chained. Vacationing is a chance to break those chains off your imagination with solutions that are going to bring back your passion and ideas.

My hubby and I decided to travel to the Poconos. It is absolutely beautiful there this time of year. There are so many neat shops, tourist hot spots and recreational activities.

Shawnee Inn poconos

Poconos Bushkillfalls

We took a morning to go to outlet stores. How can you resist when you are only 5 miles away. I have to to admit that cruising the outlet stores left me overwhelmed and ready to venture back to our cute little condo. Because our condo had an odd smell, we decided a candle would be a wise way to eliminate the odor and isn’t it a great thing to snuggle under candlelight. ;)

When we went into this one store we walked in to a blur of jarred candles. It was so hard to choose. The room was filled with jars upon jars of scrumptious scents. Actually when I walked into the store I was frozen.  I had no desire to open any of them up because the styles and colors did not appeal to me.  The price was right, the scents were right, but it just didn’t speak to my creative side.

Being an ex-candle maker I am very biased towards other candle makers that love being creative. They want their style to speak along with a great scent.

I am not trying to knock any candle company out there. I am just saying creativity speaks to me. I can feel when makers are putting their heart into their product and really want to cater to their customers. I am a customer myself.
I love color, texture, thought, etc. Granted you cannot be extremely creative with all of your products because that does increase the price or decrease the profit, but customers know when you have them in mind. They know when you are truly listening to what they are saying. That speaks volumes.

Do you feel that you are listening to what your customers are saying? Are you encouraged by what they say and can incorporate it into your business?

My challenge for you today is to be your own customer.  You are your best customer and if you’re candles and soaps are meeting your needs and speaking to your creativity then you have created a great product.

I am so excited to tell you that in the next couple of months I am developing a private mastermind that will help you develop your own style and take your business to the next level.

With Love,



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