Let Me Help You Take The Guesswork Out of Finding that Perfect

Wax Formula


It can get quite tedious when you are researching and experimenting with many kinds of waxes.  The trick is to get the right formula of wax that works for you and your area, and also have consistent results. I am not going to lie to you, it can be quite complicated and quite involved.

A simple strategy would be to work with a reputable company that has experimented extensively with their waxes and can tell you exactly how they work and with what FO’s they work well with.

Another great way is to talk to many candle makers who have their primary wax formula in place and have experimented with many kinds. The problem there is getting them to talk.  A lot of time and money is invested in that one wax that meets your criteria, so it is understandable why some don’t want to give it away.

But I am here to tell you mine and why I use it.  This formula works very well for me, but it may not work well for someone else.

Enjoy watching the video.

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