6 candle making mistakes

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Candle Making Business

I have made many, many, many mistakes during my 13 years in candle making.  I can honestly say that some were downright embarrassing.

I wanted to make candles and sell them so badly that I tried selling the very first candle that flew out of my house. Can you believe that?!  I was so excited about my new business venture that I dove right in and thought these would sell like hot cakes. NOT!

I sold one during my first candle show.  I think the sweet lady felt badly for me.

I learned a lot during that first show.  Even though it was a complete failure, it forced me to look at what was out there and what my potential customers were interested in, what the going prices were and also what styles they liked.

Yes, I do understand all the issues from jumping right in, but I am telling you my story.  I didn't have anyone to turn to, but I did have access to many books.  I didn't even own a computer let alone have access to Internet.  The Internet is a wealth of information, but you have to know what is good information and what isn't.

These are my top 6 candle making mistakes.

  1. Not testing- As I said before, I was so excited to start selling.  I knew that candles would be a big hit, but I never thought to test.  I didn't realize the science behind a burning candle.  There are so many variables that affect the burning candle that every scent, dye, fragrance, and wick needs to be tested to obtain the best result.
  2. Not listening to customers- I didn't know who my target customers were. I knew I loved candles, but that wasn't enough because my knowledge of candle buying was limited.  I didn't buy a lot of them.  I only bought in the fall and that was peach made by Glade.  I have grown and matured in my candle knowledge since then.  I know exactly what I like and don't like.  I have also watched potential customers and gathered important data by asking them questions.
  3. Wanting to accomplish making all products at once- I tried and I was so overwhelmed with everything that I started to make mistakes.  Also, it stressed my budget.  I almost had to close up shop because I was running out of funds so fast.  I knew how to make many things, but was not good or experienced in making anything.
  4. Not journaling- Journaling is vital to stay on track, remembering your results, and formulas.  It even helps to make sure you are taking action, writing ideas and staying accountable.  I cannot stress the importance of keeping a journal.
  5. Not controlling your fragrance oil fetish-  I think we can all admit that this is one of the favorite things to do when you start making candles (besides buying silicone molds 😉 ) I have to admit, I could not control myself. I started out with ten scents my first month and decided they weren't enough. Then, six months later, I had over seventy fragrances, 8 to 16 oz each and a lot of budget tied up in them. Yikes!
  6. Lack of Confidence- Confidence Attracts! It's that simple. How do you get from a novice candle maker to selling them with confidence? Taking action and testing, then taking more action and testing again. Be the best candle maker you can be. Be so knowledgeable that you cannot stop talking about your candles. Your knowledge and commitment become passion. People are attracted to passion.

Which one are you stuck on? I would love to help you with that obstacle. Let me know in the comments area or shoot me an email.

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