Is it Time to Reinvent Your Business?

by dawnaurora on 9:03 am

creating a team

Is it time for a change? Be prepared to reinvent your business.


You're starting out in business with limited funds, endless amounts of energy, loving what you do. You start off at a slow pace and think this can't be bad. I can handle everything.

10 years later you are still doing the same thing by yourself, wondering how you can continue at this pace.

I have definitely been there and done that. At first it's great. You contain so much energy and excitement to sustain you for awhile, but you can't continue at that level of energy. Another big thing is that you start to realize what tasks you like and what you definitely don't like. You start procrastinating on the tasks you don't like. Your business becomes a huge, giant task and you become overwhelmed and burned out.

The last thing you want to do is close down your dream, so let's take that option off the table right now.

What other options do you have? If you're like me, you've got a tight budget and you feel that hiring is a closed door. Well, if you have family that could help you out for free or for a small fee then go that direction. If you don't, my gentle suggestion is to hire someone to help you out.

I am going to tell you why.

I never realized how much I was in the way of my business growing any bigger than it had the potential to. It was a hard fact for me to swallow when I came to the conclusion that I couldn't do it all. Plus, I was to the burnout point and wanted to close up shop, but something within me told me that it wasn't the answer.

From that point I had various people come and help me out, but they could only do so much. They weren't covering the tasks that I didn't want to do. So, I sat down and wrote out the tasks that I had to cover in my business. I went through and rated them on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the tasks that I loved and 10 being the tasks that I thought would break me.

From there I started interviewing potential team members. Honestly, I only interviewed the one. Hehe! She was the one that came to mind when I started doing this homework.

It has been the best decision I have ever made for my business. I can say now that I operate in the 20th percentile of my abilities giving me 80% for the results. It's been liberating and I have more time with my family.

If you are looking for that right team member, don't give up. It is worth the time spent to up the level of your business and life.

Do you have a teammate or are you looking to hire? I would love to hear your story.

With love,



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