Your Craft Show booth, Your Show Strategy

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candle show booth

It's Your Show Booth, Your Show Strategy


I have attended a lot of shows as a vendor and I have learned that the amount of sales you make is approximately 10% of the total traffic that comes through the festival.  "It's all about numbers," business owners would say.

If the numbers of potential customers were low, somebody's head was on the chopping block.  That head was more than likely the festival coordinators.

Yes, I am admitting that I have been caught up in complaining about the coordinators never once blaming my booth setup and my willingness to serve people.  I am guilty as charged.

Was this right?  Was this fair?

What I am about to say is going to change the tables around and pin the responsibility on the vendors.

Here is my story.

There is a fiber festival that is 4 years in the making.  It's still a young fledgling show.  I have attended it 2 years in a row and I figured that if it doesn't do well this year it will be my last.

My daughter and I left at 5 o'clock in the morning with our camper (which housed our products) in tow.  10 miles down the road, I stopped at a gas station to make sure that all was well with the camper.  I got out of the vehicle and looked at the camper only to find smoke rolling out of the wheel well.  Oh jeez!  I thought a wheel bearing went out.  There goes our trip to the festival.

I wasn't going to lose any sleep over it.  I simply was going to gently get my camper home and spend a nice relaxing time with the family.

I called my hubby to help me out.  He went over the camper only to find the brakes were hung up.  He fixed them and we were on our way again.

We made it to the fairgrounds in time.  Set up, expected the worse and prayed for the best.  Boy was my attitude pour.

Fast forward->>

After the 2 day affair, I walked away making 5 times the amount I had in the past.  I was amazed, baffled and I realized that my booth's success depended on me.

What did I do differently this time than from the previous shows?

  1. I started to recognize that customers love to see colors, touch things and watch creativity at work.  It draws them in.  I changed my booth around to accommodate their needs and curiosity.  If I couldn't be in a certain area of my booth because I was with another customer, I wanted my booth to serve them until I got there.
  2. It's only common sense as a vendor, but you have got to learn how to speak to your customers.  Speak to them relationally and not just sell.  Listen to key words.  What do I mean by that?  Open the door to see what problem you can solve for them.  I lady wanted to make her own felted cat toys for her cat and I showed her what I used to make mine.  Another lady came to the booth and she loved to wet felt and wasn't quite sure if my Coopworth wool would do the job for her.  I showed her some of my felted table runners and told her exactly how I made them.  Another customer was born.

I put all I knew in place and made it happen. My booth totally relied on me to make waves, meet and greet, and give valuable information.

Conclusion>> You're the one in control. You can make records sales if there is 100 attendees or 20,000. It's your choice.






You are asking for WHAT??  (Farmer's Market Rules and Regulations)

I rarely ever rant especially about festivals, shows or markets, but it's all about to change today.
Yesterday I just got back from doing a 2 day fiber show and for a small turn out we did very, very well.
Also, this weekend was the first day at the farmer's market that I am a part of.  This is my second year doing this and I absolutely love it.  Every Saturday I set up and sell our eggs, fresh veggies and fiber goodies.  It's nice to see the same people and establish a great relationship with them. This weekend my son ran my booth selling our eggs and did a wonderful job.
So, 2 wonderful things going on this weekend.  Just us selling at any venue and doing very well.  We have the freedom to sell, serve our customers to the best of our abilities and make our own path.
We pay for our booths and we are to make the most of the opportunity.   
You might be wondering what the point of this is all about and where is this bone.
After coming home I received a "rule and regulations" sheet from the farmer's market.  Now I feel that they are needed, but not when they interfere with how you run your business.  Healthy boundaries, consistency and great service are definitely requirements to establish a great market.
My bone to pick is when you are required to give them your weekly sales data.  I am not sure how this will help their marketing plan, but, to me, this is a private matter.  If I wasn't doing well at that market, I would not  be selling there. Plus, they have the right to say that I am not a good fit for their market.
Any sales data is off limits to others.  That is mine to regulate and figure out how well I am doing.
To base how well the market is doing on the amount of sales made is wrong.  You can have a great turnout with a high amount of traffic and not make any sales and vice a versa.  Each vendor is captain of their own booth and no 2 vendors run it the same.
What do you feel about this regulation?  Have you encountered anything like this before? Would you comply?
I would love to hear from you .  Give me your comment below.


Ideas to Freshen Up Your Marketing

by dawnaurora on 2:02 pm


What does your marketing strategy look like?

If you answer with an 'I don't know", then you need to read on.  See, marketing is just as important as making your product.  You can't have one without the other.

What are some ways to market?

  1. Shows
  2. Social media- facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram
  3. Online website
  4. Etsy
  5. Blogging
  6. Vlogging

You can go on and on.  I haven't even mentioned how you could infiltrate your market locally.

There is so much out there that it is tricky to figure out what works for you.

Have you tried something and it bombed?  Me- many, many times.  If my strategy didn't work, I would move onto the next strategy.  This was a completely wrong move.

Because I had moved so many times, I didn't know what could've really worked for me.  I was doing a lot of stabbing, putting my energy in sporadic areas and achieving NO results.

I had to come up with a better plan.  I knew there had to be some form of marketing that would work for me.  I had to learn to track my data and to exhaust one marketing plan at a time.

Here are some ways that I started to tweak my plans.

  1. Change to colors on my ad
  2. Wording- focusing on copy writing
  3. Font- yes, even the font will effect how people react
  4. Landing page- make sure that it looked a great
  5. I had to make sure that all parts were relevant- meaning I want to sell customers apples, I am not going to send them to my oranges.

If your numbers are not getting better (you haven't reached your goal) then it might be time to move on.  But until that time keep tweaking and checking your data.

Here are some other marketing ideas:

  • Create relevant content on your blog
  • Publish articles in a trade or local magazine
  • Do a cross blog article with another blogger that attracts readers who would be considered your target
  • Do radio or talk interviews
  • Teach workshops
  • Write a book
  • Host free events
  • Network at your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Be a people person
  • Survey your customers for great ideas
  • Ask for testimonials and reviews
  • Set up a referral network
  • Exceed customer expectations

And this is the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many other ways to market.  Take you idea and put a creative, unique spin on it and voila.

Yes, it may require beating fear into submission, but it's all worth it.  Stretch yourself.  Take the risk.  You never know where it will lead.





Stop Being A Slave to Fear

by dawnaurora on 12:26 pm


Stop Being  a Slave to Fear

What a very powerful statement. I know that fear is debilitating, but I have never heard it put into the context of being a "slave".

Are you stuck there?  Are you stuck in that fear that manipulates every action, thought, or dream that you have ever had.  That is exactly what fear does.  It manipulates.  You never get to show your real self because, your true self is hidden behind fear.

Fear controls, and destroys dreams and passions.  You never get a chance to live to your maximum potential.

Today I challenge you to take a moment and lay down your fear.  What does you life look like?  What have you accomplished?  What have you been successful with?  What are you doing, loving, serving?

I know that you have a lot more to give, do  or say.  I know you have it to win your life back and proclaim victory over fear.

Will it ever stop?  No, it won't ever stop and it's not supposed to . When you conquer one fear,  you have conquered that level.  You achieve success when you conquer more levels and your journey keeps opening up and revealing certain things about you.  The way your life was intended to live.

You keep up level to the next level and the next and next.  The only way to gain wisdom and maturity is to keep conquering your fears.

Your life will unfold into something beautiful and something you never thought you could do.

I want you to make a list of some of your fears or the obstacles that are in your way of acting on your dream.  Is it fear of making mistakes? Is it fear that someone would think that your ideas are not good? Is it that you don't feel important or who are you do be teaching or speaking on the subject?

These are all relevant fears and  I personally deal with all the time.

Once you have your list I want you to take those fears and replace them with what you know is true about yourself.

  • Yes, you are important
  • Yes, you have accomplished all these great things
  • These experiences have qualified you  to take the next step in your dream
  • Mistakes don't define me and we learn best by making mistakes
  • Your ideas are wonderful- turn them into action and make them happen

Life is a series of trials, errors and victories.  It never stops just as we should never stop seeking out maximum potential in each of us.

Don't stop because of someone's words or your own words.  Keep going because your heart contains the truth of who you really are.

Keep dreaming big dreams my friend.  Don't ever stop.

With Love,



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