Stop Burning Time And Money In Your Candle Business Review

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Stop Burning Time And Money in Your Candle Business is a no nonsense way to set up a successful candle business.

Candle making was my first stay at home business.  I worked 16 hour days making candles, testing candles, reading candle books and learning about the business .  Even though I had some books about the candle business I still made many mistakes. I wanted to literally stop burning time and money.  I wanted to start making making money without taking time away from my family.

I have purchased candle books in the past.  Each book was knowledgeable about candle projects, but they did not touch the "way to save money" in my candle business aspect.   I never came across a book that took you through the steps to avoid while in the candle business and save time, money and effort on everything from creating your candles to marketing your candle business. This candle ebook does that for you.

What is your candle business goal?

Mine was to maintain a balance between my candle business and my family while owning a successful candle business. My candle products were fine tuned and ready to sell, but there was more money laying on my shelves (candles, fragrance oils, wicks, wax, etc.) than there was in my wallet.

What was I doing wrong?  I was selling at craft shows, hosting parties, and I had friends selling candles for me.  It became apparent that I had "shiny object syndrome".  I was easily seduced by new fragrance oils, the latest and greatest candle books, new improved waxes and jars. I wasn't taking advantage of deals and sales through candle suppliers.   I was treating my candle business like a hobby and I wanted to treat it like a business.

Last week I fell across this  candle ebook  Stop Burning Time and Money In Your Candle Business.   Just the title alone caught my eye.  After reading the content page I was taken hook, line and sinker.  I didn't have anything to lose.  I had everything to gain.

You can see what is inside with this video review of Stop Burning Time and Money In Your Candle Business.

Jean Ann Herley, the author takes you through here experience starting up a candle business at home, buying a shop to expand her candle business, and eventually expanding her business to the Internet. Jean approached every aspect and angle with efficient and productive business sense.  Her business sense attracted me because it was very logical and easy to apply in you own candle business. I have applied many of her concepts to my candle making business as well as my candle and soap silicone mold business.

After I had read her candle book many light bulb moments went off.  I still make candles to this day and use her short cuts that stop burning time and money without hindering the quality of the candles.

Inside the candle  ebook you will find:
1. 10 Mistakes Made  by a candle business owner

2. 7 different ways to sell your candles

3. Marketing ideas and resources to move new and old product alike

4. 5 ways to price your candles to ensure you are making as much
profit as possible, including 1 to correctly price for wholesaling

5. Organizing tips to save you minutes out of each and every day

6. Time saving tips to keep you productive and your time wasting to a minimum

7. The simple little FREE marketing idea I used to generate $8000 in a four week period

8. 90+ new fragrances you can make with scents you may already have on hand saving you money on supplies

9. Taking your candle business to the Internet
10. Ways to move slow selling items

11. How to discover the key differences between you and your competition
12. A great way to add complimentary products to your store without spending a dime

13. Necessary steps to take to sell online

14. Marketing strategies to add more prospects to your mailing list

I could relate to the candle business topics areas cover in Stop Burning Time and Money In Your Candle Business. The candle ebook answered all the questions I had about my own candle business.  The steps  are  practical and I was able to apply them immediately.

Another great thing is that this candle ebook has a 8 week (56 day) guarantee.  You can access anytime you need and want. See more on Stop Burning Time and Money In Your Candle Business

Jean Ann Herley also owns another candle business site called Candle Business Corner

Many Blessings,

Dawnie, Just wanted to mention that I purchased Jean Ann Herley's book about 2 years ago it is is a very worthwhile investment! She has tons of great advice and if you follow it, you are sure to succeed!

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