Important Connection Between Keyword Density And your Home Page

by dawnaurora on 8:52 pm


Have you optimized your splash page/ home page for your specific keywords or phrases?

Do you feel that your splash page / home page is helping your site advance in the search engines?

Do you know what I am talking about?


Do you find it difficult to figure out what to write on your splash page?  I did at first.  I wrote the normal introduction (title tag)  of  " Welcome to French Hill Country" .  Then I would add more or deduct as I went along.  I wasn't getting the picture of what you are supposed to add in your title tag.  I had to ask myself the question "what does the title tag say about the  products of my website?" .  

Well, "Welcome to French Hill Country" did not say anything about my website.  What do search engines like google want to spider and index?  I was such a novice in all of this I was missing something. 

I started to google my website to see where my site would be in the pages.  I hardly moved up the pages for the longest time.  I was stuck on page 4 &5.  Both you and I know that being on anything past the first and second page really won't get you  any traffic.  

I was missing a" key ingredient", but I did not know what I was missing.  I started to do some research on keywords, phrases and search engine optimization.

At first I learned about linking and how important is was to link.  So, I did just that.  I started to link to topsites, join banner programs, join directories where you had to put their link on your first page, do a link exchange and more.  These tactics are okay to use, but they did not advance me to the first page of google. There was an easier way.

I dove a little deeper into the search engine optimization realm and discovered that you can do easy work right on your own site to get you rank higher in the search engines.  Who would of "thunk it"?  Right on your own site.  

My knowledge of my missing "key ingredient":pepper

  • Find your best keywords or phrases  possible for your site
  • Your keywords should be right on the title tag of your splash or home page
  • Your keywords should be peppered through out your home page at a 2-3% rate
  • Tweek your keywords often
  • Bold your keywords

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dawnaurora April 8, 2009 at 3:17 pm

I hope this helps you out Melissa. If you want we could get together on this to improve your rank.
Yeah! find the post that would be great.
Pepper your words at a 2-3% rate because google frowns on over the top sites.

Melissa March 24, 2009 at 5:35 am

I paid big bucks to a company that was suppose to help with SEO and all they did was make a mess of it. Actually hurt me in my ranks. I finally went and cleaned it up myself. There was a great site I found that helps you pick out strong key words, I’ll post it if I find it. The biggest thing I’ve been reading is do not repeat words. Like soy candle, soy tart, soy votive. You only need soy once …..

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