Question and Answers about Candle and Soap Silicone Mold Care

by dawnaurora on 7:34 am

minicrowtprAre you like me and have a love for silicone molds?  I enjoy their flexibility and the ability to capture a lot of detail.  It makes candle making with primitive style easier.

But as you also know silicone molds come with a price tag.  Because they aren't cheap, you want to take extra special care of them.

Here are some questions that customers have asked.

Why does one side of my silicone mold look  caved in and the candle comes out lopsided?

  • The silicone mold is warped.  Unfortunately when this happens you cannot "unwarp" the mold.  To prevent the mold from warping don't pile silicone molds on top of each other or pack them tightly in a drawer or shelf.  They need space to keep their shape.  Also, if  you are not going to use the mold for awhile pour wax inside the mold to help it keep its shape.

My mold feels sticky.  I keep it in the basement where I make candles and soaps.  What is going on?

  • The silicone mold does not like humidity.  It starts to break down prematurely.  Keep you silicone mold in a cool dry area

What can I do to clean my silicone mold?

  • You can wash your mold in lukewarm water and with dish soap.  This will help clear up some of the fragrances that are in your mold due to previous pours.  Dry your silicone mold well.  Do not store wet.

When I pour white wax into my mold the color on the surface of the mold gets into the wax.  How can I clean the color out of the mold?

  • I have cleaned the mold with soap and lukewarm water and still poured "white" wax into it and my candle would still come out colored.  What I did then was poured non- colored hot candle wax into the mold 2 -3 times until the wax itself cleaned up all the color.  That did the trick for me.

Sometimes I get pour lines in my candles when I pour in the molds.  How do I prevent pour lines?

  • You can heat up your silicone mold in the oven to 200-250 degrees.  Make sure you leave the oven door open.  Here is a quick video that I did on how to warm up a silicone mold.

Is there a way to repair a silicone mold after it tears?

  • Yes, there is.  Depending on the tear you can seal the edges together with silicone.  Silicone adheres to silicone.  I do offer a free service for a silicone in need of repair just email me at .

If you have any more questions about silicone molds, leave your question below.  I would enjoy answering any that you may have.

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