Candle Making Additive: Coconut Oil

by dawnaurora on 3:42 pm

coconutoilCoconut oil could be the  additive that makes you and your soy wax candles sing? This candle making additive is a natural substitute instead of using paraffin wax and other unnatural additives.  So, if you are trying to stay within the "all natural" soy candle boundaries, coconut oil may be the answer.

Coconut oil works similarly to beeswax except it is cheaper.  It hardens your candle wax which in turn slows the burn time.  Which is a major benefit to your customers.

According to various forums coconut oil helps with:

  • Hot throw
  • Reduced sooting
  • Smoother soy candle tops
  • Reduced wet spots
  • Cuts down cure time
  • Reduced cracking

The suggested amount is 1/2 tsp. per pound of 100% soy wax or 1/2 tbl. per pound of parasoy blended wax.  You use the 76 degree coconut oil LouAnn that you can find at Wal-mart.

My story:

Someone told me about this tip 1 year ago. She told me that coconut oil  improved scent throw. "Improved scent throw" what we candle makers are looking for.  I jumped in my vehicle and off to Walmart I went.  And there it was.  Could it be the answer to my soy problems?  Actually the parasoy wax recipe I use doesn't have any problems with scent throw.  I was debating whether or not to start walking on the "all natural" trail.

I did some reading and found out it hardens wax.  Through my experience harder wax doesn't have the greatest hot throw.  The cold throw in harder wax is fairly descent.  Because of that tid-bit I put the coconut oil aside.

3 months later took the oil out.  It smelled a bit off, but I thought it wouldn't effect the soy candle outcome.  WRONG!!  The whole fragrance oil and candle scent was horribly off.  I threw the coconut oil out and never tried it again.  So, you can't go by my own experience.

Issues that could effect the outcome of using coconut oil:

  • Hot weather and humidity
  • Breaks down with high and continuous heat
  • Keep tabs on the amount of coconut oil you put into your soy wax because you may have to wick up with any amount more than 1/2 tsp.
  • Make sure your coconut oil is not rancid

Quick usage tip:

  • Every time start with  fresh wax and coconut oil
  • Make sure melt only as much as you are going to use

Testing Variables:

  • Weather, temperature, humidity
  • Certain seasons
  • Coconut Oil amount

The results of using coconut oil in your soy wax candles can vary because of the variables.   Weather, temperature and humidity play a very big role on the outcome of your candles.  May be coconut oil doesn't work this season, but it may work in your soy candles the next season.  It is a good tool to keep in your candle making bag of tools.

Many Blessings,

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