Selling Candles And Soaps: Wrong Marketing Message To The Right Market

by dawnaurora on 7:49 am

Recently I watched an episode of Friends that spoke in volumes to me.  I couldn't tell you how many times I have watched this scene and it finally caught my eye, but right in front of me was a golden marketing lesson.  It is funny how we can turn the littlest things into a marketing.

Scene from Friends with Monica and Chandler.

Monica and Chandler were married.  For those that know the show, Monica was a clean fanatic especially about her kitchen.

One day Chandler was in the mood, so he gave her the "I am in the mood look".  He romantically glides over to the table, sweeps it clean onto the floor and says, "Let's go."

Monica looks at him not at all impressed and says," Chandler, making a mess to get me in the mood?  Come on, know your audience.

How many of you are familiar with that scene.  That is a classic line and rings true for so many of us.

This is a great example of wrong marketing to the right market.

Do you now wonder if the way you market promoted the same reaction.

"Know your audience".

It is painfully easy to market if you are your own target.  What if you aren't your target, then it is excruciatingly painful to market your products.

Every aspect of your business is a marketing aspect and opportunity.

How so?

From decorating your booth, store, website graphics, designs, styles, scents, business cards, 30 second elevator speech, sales copy writing, even prices are a part of marketing to your right consumer.

It is best to layout all these aspects and use them as a goal to get your business headed in the right direction.  Having the right target market should be part of that goal.

Do you want an style business or do you want your own website style business?

How to market right.  Ask yourself these questions?

  1. Have I focused my niche on the my target?
  2. Do I know my target inside and out?
  3. Do I have right style pricing that attracts my target?
  4. Does my target match my business goals?

I know from experience when you are targeting the wrong market or even wrongly targeting the right market then all of the efforts fall.  Literally falls into a pit and your whole demeanor falls with it.  I have realized through much trials and errors that you need to put your energy inline with your business goals and plans.  Finding and working with the right market is part of that.

Make sure you are not making your market find you, but you are finding your target market and putting your products in front of them.

Many Blessings,

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