An Empire Came Crumbling Down

by dawnaurora on 2:44 pm

 Most of us know of the heart-sinking situation here in State College, otherwise known as  Penn State or University Park. The head person had stated that they had the right intention of pursuing the situation, but time went by and  nothing was done.  Everything was swept under the rug.  Leadership didn't follow through.

I personally don't want to have a conversation about the "Penn State Scandal", but I do want to point out the crucial decision either to do the absolute right thing or do barely anything.

Doing the bare minimum or complacent cost the leader his name.

The Lesson Behind This (my main reason for writing)

Simple...  It doesn't matter how big you are, but one unwise decision that doesn't contain sound morals, ethics and values will bring you and your business down.

What can we learn and apply to our business?

First,  it is so important to set  good examples.  Customers and visitors are watching what we do whether it is in our family environment or business environment.  When we have a business we will be put under a microscope by others.  You can either see it as an asset and use it wisely or you can see it as a detriment and barely make any move.

My friend Mary  had to say this:

I am a firm believer in setting examples.  We are leaders because we are business owners.  As leaders, we can set a firm example by 1) operating our businesses with strong ethics, 2) displaying integrity as business owners, 3) working as a team in the business community (social and local).

Secondly, as small business owners who care about each other We can be accountable to each other.  I think at times we need some advice and help from seasoned business owners to help us through those trying times.  I like how dM addressed it here.

Some of us are a small fish in a big pond, but I truly believe that when you are a small fish with integrity, ethics, morals and values in a big pond the size of the pond doesn't matter.

I love what Donna Maria from Indie Business has to say:

We Should Celebrate Each Other, and Hold Each Other Accountable

As Indies here in this vibrant, caring community, we do a good job of celebrating each other. That's why I'm here, and I know it's why many of you are here. And as we celebrate, we should also hold accountable.

Let's also hold each other accountable -- accountable for presenting the best possible image for today's small and independent business owner. Accountable to plan our lives as well as our businesses. Accountable to present a professional and proactive image for our customers and the world to see. Accountable to set a new standard to American business --

a "new one percent" so to speak.

I feel she sums it up here.  Be accountable, lift each other up, firmly place your true ethics, morals and values underneath you and your business and remember to celebrate.

Many Blessings,





P.S.  Let me know what you think.

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