How To: Work with a 2 Part Mold

by dawnaurora on 3:14 pm

Have you ever received a mold and wonder "how in the world do I work this one"?

Before I started making my own molds, I had purchased some that had me scratching my head.  I would hold the mold in my hand and stare.

The two piece silicone mold breakdown.  The hole up top is for pouring.  Okay, check- got that.  Then I guess you have to line these holes up on this half of the mold with the divots on the other half of the mold.  Okay, check- got it.  Now ready to pour.

I have a better idea.  Let me show you how it's done instead of explain to you how it is done.

Welcome one and all to one of my *famous* videos, featuring me as the "star". :)

Flashing (the extra wax or soap that seeps through the seam) is easily removed with an sharp blade.  I do try to have my seams line up solidly to prevent this, but sometimes it still sneaks through.  It is actually a common thing.

Do you steer away from using a 2 part mold (aka 2 piece or book mold)?  Now you won't have to.  This style of mold allows mold maker more creativity room.  In turn you to add a more unique and creative line to your candles and soaps.

Happy Candle & Soap Making,


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