3/20 Challenge Day #1

by dawnaurora on 12:57 pm

Here is the beginning of my journey.  I started with planning out my business map.

Where to begin?

I began with my financial numbers.  That was hard.  It was wonderful looking at what I earned, but hard to see where I spent it.  This helped me determine and make a stand that I want to run an exceptional business.  Not a hit and miss one.

As I am writing down my financial numbers, they started to speak to me on how I can help my customers even more. I know- how in the world can numbers speak.  Well, it came to me in the way of value.  Not everything that  spent money on added value to my business.

I personally decided that I want to add value to every single order that I mailed out.  This is the one true way that you have permission to speak to them.  They are interested in you.

Take advantage of it.  Don't miss this opportunity to return value to someone who is trusting you and your business.

I am speaking to myself besides speaking to you.  I don't take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to speak directly to them.  Mono et mono.  Wow!  Can you imagine.  Most don't give you the time of day anymore.  Time is valuable in this day and age.

To have their attention for even 1 minute of their time to speak to them directly with a message directed to them.  Priceless!

At the moment of opening their box, their concentration and focus is all on you!!

Simple truth is we all have a commodity, but what do you have that other businesses don't?  What makes you stand out from the rest?  What makes you unique, original?  What makes you so different from anybody else?

Write down all your thoughts, all of your unique differences.

Happy Candle & Soap Making,




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