Are You Ready for the 3/20 Challenge?

by dawnaurora on 1:54 pm

We are half way through the year.  Is your business on track?  Are you following a clear business plan?

Well, I can tell you that I am way off track.  I think I  derailed back in February.  Life happens and most moments were great and some were definite trials.  I am  wondering why I am this far off track.  How in the world did I get here?

Truth is my decisions, actions and procrastination brought me to this place.  Wow!  That hurt, but it is my truth. ( Should I  blame Facebook for my procrastination? 😉 )

I am ready to get myself back on.  June is a good month to recalculate, review and return to your business vision and goals.

How many of you wrote a business plan before you jumped in?

Me, I wrote down nothing.  I was able to pay for my business out of pocket and so I didn't worry about writing a plan for a loan.

Well, that was a huge mistake on my part.  No plan, no goals and ,hence, no target.  I was shooting products, energy into the air and praying it would hit something.

Yes, I was able to hit some.   A little order here, a little order 2 weeks from now or even 6 months from now.  It was very sporadic and honestly depressing.  You cannot run a business like that.

I feel my lack of focus and goals caused me to constantly doubt my business.  I didn't have any plan or vision statement to go back, review and get myself back on track.

I feel if your business started out as a hobby some of your mind set is still as a hobby.  Your hobby mind set needs to transform itself into a business mind set.  You even need to make changes in your vocabulary.When you had a hobby you may have used words such as play money and free time.    Now they become profit and business time.  If you noticed I don't use the word work in there.  I enjoy my business too much to consider it work.

Are you ready for the challenge?  It is called the 3/20.

There are 3 written parts to this exercise and you do it in 20 days.  Yes, it is a lot of writing, but it so worth it.

  • The first part:  Write your financial goal for one year.
  • Second Part:   Write a minimum of 2 pages per day in 20 days on how you are going to achieve that goal.  Just write.  You are  doing a "brain dump".  I do enjoy the "brain dump" style of writing. No structure and no proper grammar necessary
  • And the third part:  You should have at least 40 pages of ideas.  Go back, reread you ideas and figure out what ones will work and what ones won't.  Pull the best ones out and forge ahead with your dream.

I am on day 7 of this challenge.  Many ideas have been revealed to me in my short journey.  I am pretty excited to see what else will be revealed.

I challenge you to write your 3/20.  Are you going to take the challenge with me?

Happy Candle and Soap Making,



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