Visiting Rose the Owner of Sugarloaf Soaps

by dawnaurora on 4:20 pm

Before our trip to the Poconos came to an end, we made one more stop.

Our pit stop ended us in a beautiful, quaint town called Sugarloaf.  There we met up with my friend Rose, the owner of Sugarloaf Soaps.  As we entered her adorable soap shop we were immediately engulf with a euphoria of scented soaps.  It smelled so good.

She welcomed us in and, of course,  I immediately went snooping around her soap lab.  It was beautiful.  A great work area to be creative and play in.  I definitely wouldn't call it work.


A snippet of our conversation:

  • How long have you been in business?      I have been in business since November, 2009.
  • What is your best seller?   My best seller are my soap bars
  • What new products have you introduced this year and do you have anymore new ones in the works?  My newest ones are my sugarscrubs, lotions and shampoo/conditioner. Quick Note:  I have tried her sugarscrubs and they are fabulous!!!!!
  • What is your biggest goal you want to accomplish in 2012?   Biggest goal for 2012 is to set up my blog and website, to continue to service my wonderful customers and expand my customer base to newbies

It was so much fun to venture through her store. She had a huge selection of scents and styles to choose from.  There is a soap for everyone in her shop.  Besides buying some of her soaps for the kids and I, I also purchased a Drakkar Noir scented soap for my hubby.



Fun kids soaps are shown here.  Erasers are the prize after the kiddos scrubbed themselves.  Great incentive to get my kids to clean themselves without getting my bathroom checklist.

My purchases!

If you are ever in Sugarloaf, PA, make sure you drop in and visit Rose.

Thanks Rose for a great time.

Happy Candle and Soap Making,


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joan laval January 30, 2017 at 1:35 pm

Hi Rose, reading about you and looking at your beautiful soaps. My sister and I were wondering if you have come up with any pricing. .I forgot you were open on Sat. Let us know when you can. Looking forward to meeting you.
joan laval

dawnaurora June 13, 2012 at 11:56 am

We had so much fun meeting up with you. Hope we can get together and do it again.
We are loving our soaps. Almost done with the sugar scrubs (smells and feels fabulous) and hubby loves the Drakkar Noir (he smells so good).
Hope things are going well with you. This is our last week of home schooling then we are off for 2 weeks. So glad to have a break and hope to concentrate on designs.

Rose Cunfer June 13, 2012 at 12:25 am

Thanks for the awesome blog and the wonderful visit. It’s always great to put a name and a face together. Hopefully I will be visiting your part of the state this summer!

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