Owl be Seeing You Later – Owl Silicone Molds

by dawnaurora on 12:07 pm

Medium Owl Silicone MoldI think the title of this blog post is the clincher to one of my son, Octavio's, jokes.  =)

Do you like owls?  I know I do.   I have only experienced a handful of sightings and wow they are spectacular.

When it comes to your business day, would you describe yourself as an early rising rooster or a late night owl?

I am a rooster in owl clothing.  I want to wake up at the crack of dawn and be able to function and get 10 things done of my to-do list.  But instead I wake up and I have to get my bearings.  First bearing - where am I?  Second bearing - what am I supposed to be doing? Third bearing - what was that again?   So on and so forth.

One of my friends has described herself as a "rowlster".  Now that's a bird.

Can you relate?

Because of my biological preference to working more at night, I have developed an owl liking.  Fetish if you may.

It has sent me down this owly silicone mold path.

Here are some funky owl silicone molds for your candles AND soaps.

Large Owl Candle Silicone Mold

Medium Owl Silicone Mold

Large owl silicone mold

Small Own Candle Soap Silicone Mold

Small Owl Candle Soap Silicone Mold

Now I know that some of you are roosters.  So, I dare say that some designs are cockadoodle- doing along.  (I know corny)

I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know how I can help you better and leave a comment below.

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