About Me


Hello my name is Dawn Shaffer and I am a wife, mother to 4 kiddos, a farmer, mold maker and I love Jesus!

My candle making adventure started in 1996 when I asked my mother-in-law for a candle making kit for Christmas.  She did get me one, but it was those beeswax roll sheets.  I was a bit bummed, but I still enjoy the gift tremendously and burned the candles.

About 7 years after that a friend came up to me and needed local handmade candles for her shop.  I figured "why not!".

That began my journey into candle making.

Testing, testing, testing and more testing occurred in the first 6 mos. of my adventure.  I started selling right after that.

I sold candles for 4 years and during those 4 years I made custom designs that fit my style of candle making.  I loved it.

Pretty soon I found myself selling my silicone molds.  I found my true calling.

It is a wonderful journey and I still am on that journey.



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